Single Family & MultiFamily Inspections



Foundation inspections focus primarily on the footing/foundation layout, installation of rebar, post-tensioning cable and embedded structural hardware, and the placement of concrete for the buildings foundation system.

Why this is important: Careful installation and execution of the construction of the foundation system is critical to providing the required support of any structure that is supported by it.



The required waterproofing of any concrete surface or structure will be inspected for a compliant application and/or installation of the waterproofing system.

Why this is important: Complete and adequate installation and application provides protection from moisture intrusion into the envelope of the building structure.



EiRM will inspect the installation and integration of the windows, doors, primary moisture barrier, and the flashings of all penetrations.

Why this is important: The correct installationof the weatherization system is vital to controlling moisture infiltration into the buildings structure.



EiRM will inspect the installation of the wood or light gauge framing systems and structural components within the building structure.

Why this is important: Correct framing is key to the durability of a structure, its exterior finishes, and the protection of the interior finishes and occupants.



EiRM provides inspections of the installation and protection of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Why this is important: With the correct installation and protection of the MEP systems, the possibility of mechanical or electrical fire and/or the potential for plumbing water intrusion is greatly reduced.


Exterior Cladding

EiRM performs observations of any exterior cladding systems, such as stucco, siding, and masonry for adherence to the design, industry and/or manufacturers installation requirements.

Why this is important: The correct installation of any exterior cladding system is important to the protection of the primary moisture barrier and the overall aesthetics of the final exterior finish for the building.



EiRM will inspect the installation of the various components of the roofing assemblies such as underlayment and the final primary covering, and the integration of those assemblies into the building envelope.
Why this is important: It is critical that a homes’ roofing system is installed correctly to provide protection for the building against weather related moisture intrusion.


Decks and Balconies

Decks and balconies will be inspected by EiRM for conforming waterproofing or water management assemblies and details, structural attachment, and framing assemblies and the installation of guards and hand rails.

Why this is important: Decks and balconies pose a particularly high risk of structural, hand rail/guard and water intrusion failure given the high exposure to the elements and the methods of construction and attachment to the building structure.


Fit and Finish

The fit and finish service is a comprehensive inspection of the quality of final finishes of a completed home or building. Areas and items of focus are the interior walls, flooring, and cabinetry finishes. Electrical, plumbing, appliance and mechanical system installation and operation.

Why this is important: Fit and Finish inspections help to ensure that the quality of the finishes meet the builder’s standards so as to deliver a high quality product, enhancing the overall customer experience.


EiRM will help monitor the overall safety of your construction site by reviewing safety documentation and controls and by performing site audits observing equipment use, signage placement, and housekeeping.

Why this is important: Maintaining a safe jobsite is the single most important action that a builder can take to keep the work force safe and drive a positive company culture.

Acoustic Assemblies

The acoustic assemblies of the walls and floor/ceiling systems are inspected for the correct installation and sequencing of all the acoustic assembly components.

Why this is important: Incorrect or incomplete installation of these components will cause a reduction in the acoustic dampening properties resulting in unwanted sound transmission into the home from outside sources.

Interior Drainage Plane

The interior drainage plane inspections will focus on the installation and waterproofing of the wall and floor assemblies as it pertains to the complete draining of water from the wet areas.

Why this is important: Failure of the interior drainage plane may result in significant damage to a building finishes and framed structure, and may introduce environments problems such as mold.

Fire Rated Assemblies

The rated assemblies will be inspected for the correct installation of the individual components of the assembly as well as the overall installation sequence of those systems

Why this is important: Failure to install any fire rated assembly could result in the premature failure of that assembly and the possibility of loss of life.

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