Raising the bar

on Quality Assurance


Systems Approach

A full line of services from document review to data analytics.


Data Driven Solutions

Intelligent, insightful analytics at your fingertips.



Comprehensive inspections where they are needed most.

Raising the bar on quality assurance!



Over 40 Years of QA Experience

With over 40 years of combined quality assurance (QA) experience and a state of the art data collection system, EiRM’s consultants develop and implement a complete Risk Management program and formulate action oriented solutions in areas that require additional focus.

A Comprehensive Program

EiRM’s program is comprehensive, touching all facets of the construction process, and aligns with any insurance third party peer review requirements that may be stipulated in the policy.

We use Technology to do the Job More Efficiently

Enabled by our proprietary, cloud based data collection and information management system, EiRM provides an unparalleled ability to collect data from a broad array of resources and makes them available at a near instantaneous rate to our clients.

We Add Intelligence to your Data

Adding intelligence to your data, via our powerful Analytics Engine, EiRM provides statistical analysis, pattern and trend recognition, and predictive analysis tools that allow our clients to spend less time pouring through data and more time executing on their business objectives.