Data Driven Solutions

EiRM’s data driven solutions utilize information collected from multiple data sets to provide our clients with visibility into key areas of their construction process, enabling insights that lead to increased production efficiencies, reduced costs, and enhanced brand value.

Enabled by our proprietary, cloud based data collection and information management system, EiRM provides an unparalleled ability to collect data from a broad array of resources and makes them available at a near instantaneous rate to our clients.

Adding intelligence to your data, via our powerful Analytics Engine, EiRM provides statistical analysis, pattern and trend recognition, and predictive analysis tools that allow our clients to spend less time pouring through data and more time executing on their business objectives.

Single Family


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Raising the Bar on Quality Assurance.



Regional Overview Report:

A high-level perspective on how your projects or communities compare to each other on various metrics focused around quality, productivity, and cost.

Issue Report:

A deep dive into the nucleus of our analytical data set – the performance of each observation item. This report will identify all the initial issues observed prior to correction.

Statistical Analysis Report:

Pattern analysis based on risk levels averaged across projects or communities within a region. This report provides a comparative overview of projects/communities trends over time as an early notification system.

Project Summary Report:

Examines the performance of a particular project or community via our analytics on multiple components such as plan, and trade data.